Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to save water during rationing

May be divide water into tiers:

Tier 1: food grade-from the tap
Tier 2: irrigation grade- water used in food processing, like washing vegetables
Tier 3: flush grade- water used in washing pots and pans, etc. can be used to flush toilets.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Physics of Work

Newton's 1st law: Overcome inertia by creating microgoal. Goals that are so trivial that it can be done or overshot. By doing 1 microgoal a day and avoid stopping, productivity can increase.

Newton's 2nd law: F=ma. Here the F is force required to manage a project. m is the mass of people involved. a is acceleration of project progress. Obviously a well managed project required a big force. So for the same effort, to increase the speed of project, we have to decrease the headcount involved. It is a counterintuitive conclusion but look at the success of guerilla attacks.

Big teams can succeed only by great planning.

Newton's 3rd law: for every action you take, there is an counteraction. So be very careful in what you say or do.

Einstein's special law of relativity: time is relative. If you are happy and doing something that you enjoy, time flies and you will be in the zone all the time with high productivity. If you are bored, time slows to a crawl and so does productivity.

Whatever you do, make it fun and enjoyable...